Piracy police bust Malaysia, Taiwan rings

Raids shut down facilities that could produce as many as 17 million discs each year

Recent antipiracy raids in Malaysia and Taiwan shut down facilities capable of producing 17 million illegal discs per year, the Motion Picture Association (MPA) said Wednesday.

Police in the Malaysian city of Penang seized 200 DVD-R burners and 83 CD-R burners and arrested one man on May 29. The Penang facility could produce over 10 million pirated discs per year, with an annual potential revenue of over US$28 million, the MPA said.

On June 5, police in Taipei arrested six people at a lab and seized 108 optical disc burners, along with over 71,000 DVDs and CD-ROMs. The lab could produce about 6.5 million discs per year, with a street value of $6.5 million, the MPA said.

The raids were part of MPA's ongoing "Operation Red Card." The industry group cooperates with local police in Asia to close illegal movie and CD-ROM copying labs in an attempt to reduce what it estimates are the film industry's annual losses of $6.1 billion to piracy.