InfoWorld CTO 25: Andrew Nash

CTO, Reactivity

During his 10-year stint at RSA security, Andrew Nash worked hard developing identity and access management technologies, wrote a book on PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), and co-authored several security standards. But one day, in the middle of an RSA presentation, he realized he was “bored to tears” and decided to focus on fresh security challenges better suited to an emerging Web services world.

In 2002, while making the rounds of RSA Security’s customers, Nash discovered XML security startup Reactivity, where he encountered technologists who were working on a plug-and-play appliance that would provide secure access to Web services. In 2004, he joined the Reactivity team to lead the evolution of the current Gateway line, which adds XML routing and acceleration.

These days, Nash is focused on the expanding role of the network intermediary in SOA, not just for security, but as a platform for “virtualized” services accessible across platforms and enterprises. “SOA requires a virtualization mechanism that reduces complexity,” he says, so that policy can be enforced and change management simplified. As Nash exercises his leadership in technology development and industry standards, a bigger role seems likely, both for him and his appliances.