Imperva keeps database activity in check

SecureSphere Database Security Gateway addresses user access, change control, and compliance concerns

Database vendors may be working feverishly to make their systems impenetrable to outsiders, but that’s only part of the battle. The hardest part of database security is controlling an authorized user’s activity once he’s gained access to the database. This type of access control is quickly becoming a bigger issue for compliance officers, especially with regard to HIPAA. And while the database vendors are merely auditing this activity, they are doing nothing to control it. This is where products like Imperva SecureSphere Database Security Gateway come into the picture.

The SecureSphere Gateway appliance acts as a database firewall to stop malicious activity before it gets to the database. It monitors the database traffic to learn normal query patterns and allows you to create rules to prevent unauthorized activity. For example, a user quite often queries for individual bank records, but never has a need to query all of the records. SecureSphere will guard against this activity and prevent the user from running a query that would return every record in the table. SecureSphere can also prevent users from connecting to the database from applications, such as a third-party query editor, that aren’t approved, and it can limit users and even certain types of queries to run only during certain hours. Any type of query can be blocked, even unwanted schema and server changes.

For the compliance conscious, the SecureSphere Database Security Gateway, along with Payment Card Industry, HIPAA, and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance modules that became available in January provide a means to assure your auditors that change-control policies are being adhered to. For the strict DBAs, you can rest assured that problems in production have not been brought about by unauthorized changes or rogue queries. SecureSphere nicely fills in this security gap left by the vendors.

Imperva SecureSphere Database Security Gateway
Cost: Appliance starts at $30,000; $42,500 includes unlimited databases and one compliance bundle
Availability: Now