Product Previews

Certeon appliances smooth WAN traffic, Borland zeros in on governance, SWsoft eEases virtual server management, X1 digs deeper into the enterprise desktop

Certeon Appliances Smooth WAN Application Traffic
Certeon this week is lifting the cover on its S-Series appliances, looking to boost the speed, scalability, and security of WAN application traffic. The Layer 7 appliances will accelerate secure SSL traffic (HTTP and HTTPS) between remote sites and central datacenters using the company’s Secure Acceleration Technology, which speeds up app traffic by recognizing requests, comparing them to the data, and sending only the changes over the network. This approach conserves both time and bandwidth. A set of “application acceleration blueprints” provides an extra boost by allowing the devices to better predict traffic patterns. The 1U S-1000 and S-2000, and 2U S-3000 are differentiated by capacity and the number of WAN links supported (five, 10, and 15, respectively), making the boxes appropriate for a range of office sizes.
S-1000, S-2000, and S-3000,

Borland Zeros In on Governance
Borland Software this week will roll out Borland IT Management Governance Solution. The offering combines a new version of Borland Tempo, for IT management and governance, with Borland’s process improvement and skills training services. This combination is intended to help companies achieve IT business alignment, increase visibility and control over IT projects, and ensure regulatory compliance.
IT Management Governance Solution,

Virtuozzo Eases Virtualization
Helping enterprises manage virtual server environments, SWsoft has introduced new versions of Virtuozzo for Linux and Windows. The Virtuozzo virtualization system lets IT administrators run multiple virtual environments on one machine with only one instance of the OS, rather than requiring them to install a new copy of an OS for each virtual machine. Virtuozzo for Linux 3.0 features a zero-downtime migration capability, new template management, and enhanced automation. Virtuozzo for Windows 3.5.1 adds a “physical to virtual” tool, dubbed VZP2V, which is designed to simplify migration from a dedicated physical server to a virtual server.
Virtuozzo for Linux 3.0 and Windows 3.5.1,

X1 Searches Beyond the Enterprise Desktop
X1 Technologies has released an upgrade to its enterprise desktop search tool, adding new capabilities for remote server management, integration with Interwoven’s WorkSite 8.0, and a set of SDKs for extending the search platform to other data sources. X1 Enterprise Edition 2.5’s Enterprise Client feature offers users a unified view of apps and data on both the desktop and the corporate network. The Cluster Manager allows X1 Servers to be deployed in a cluster for increased scalability and performance.
X1 Enterprise Edition 2.5,