Trusted Platform Module gets backing from Via

Via will add TPM support to its line of chip sets

In a move to help users better secure the data on their computers, Taiwanese chip vendor Via Technologies said Thursday it will add Trusted Platform Module (TPM) support to its line of chip set products.

TPMs are microcontrollers used to safely store and authenticate passwords, digital certificates, and encryption keys. Generally attached to the motherboard of a computer, these chips, which are based on a specification developed by The Trusted Computing Group, are designed to protect user information from malicious software or physical theft.

Via will add TPM support to its line of chip sets for processors from Intel and Advanced Micro Devices. (AMD), as well as those that support its own processor offerings. The company has validated its latest chip sets with TPMs produced by STMicroelectronics and BIOS (Basic Input Output Software) offerings from Insyde Software and American Megatrends, it said.

In addition to TPM support, Via offers other technologies that help to keep user data secure. For example, the company's C7 processor line includes a hardware encryption feature called Via PadLock.