Identity Manager 3 adds provisioning and polish

New Novell release irons out wrinkles with unified user portal, provisioning workflow, and visual Designer

In our October roundup of identity managers, Novell Identity Manager 2 impressed us with a powerful visual modeling tool and an intuitive user interface to corporate white pages and password self-service functions. Still, some aspects of configuration weren’t as easy as they could have been. The newly released Version 3 pulls together many loose ends, as Novell showed in a recent online demo. Identity Manager 3 also adds extensive workflow options to the solution’s capabilities.

A new add-on Provisioning Module handles workflow, although completely customizable workflows await the next release. Version 3 also introduces the Web-based User Application, based on a new Java portal, which allows employees and their managers to initiate and approve provisioning requests, manage their profiles and passwords, search the corporate white pages, add new users to the system, and choose the layout, graphics, and color themes of the user portal.

Identity Manager 3 also includes a beefed-up Designer. Now supporting the User Application and Provisioning Module, Designer allows developers to define users’ views of directory data, associate policies and privileges, and map out approval processes and data flows. A key new benefit: Entitlements can now be enacted through roles and workflows.

According to Novell, Designer includes a number of other controls that allow policies governing changes to user accounts to be enforced on the fly, without having to script queries and reconciliations. Novell has also strengthened Designer’s modeling tools, allowing developers to drop in connections between Identity Vaults and simulate the flows and transformations of identity information between connected systems. The company promises tools for debugging the policies and rules governing data flow in future releases.

Novell Identity Manager 3


Cost: $30 per identity or $95,000 per instance for Identity Manager 3 and the Provisioning Module

Available: Now