CA merges malware protection

CA Integrated Threat Management r8 brings enterprise anti-virus and anti-spyware under one roof

One of the best things about reviewing products is getting a chance to see software evolve and mature over time. I recently received an exclusive sneak peek at the latest versions of CA’s eTrust AntiVirus and eTrust PestPatrol Anti-Spyware Corporate Edition r8 products, bundled together under the name Integrated Threat Management r8. The pairing of these two security programs provides centrally managed protection without sacrificing features or functionality. Of the two, PestPatrol benefits the most, gaining some much-needed improvements.

CA took the underlying infrastructure of its AV product and used it to provide PestPatrol with a needed management boost. Both AV and PestPatrol are now controlled via a nicely laid out, and intuitive, browser-based console. UI fatigue is minimized by consolidating common tasks into one view, while providing application-specific choices in different views. I liked the updated discovery service in Integrated Threat Management. I can find PCs and servers on my enterprise and place them into groups for easier policy deployment. Delegated administration is also a new feature in this release.

Administrators push the AV and PestPatrol agent out to clients from the console. Although both applications share a common communications agent, they have separate and distinct protection engines. This allows administrators to deploy AntiVirus and PestPatrol in any combination: strictly AV on one set of servers, for example, and both AV and PestPatrol on all client PCs.

Reporting has taken a huge step forward in this release, especially for PestPatrol. Admins now have more than 70 graphical reports to choose from. These reports are interactive with nice drill-down capabilities.

Computer Associates has created a solid bundle for desktop and server protection. The centralized management and updated reporting are welcome changes, and the new delegated administration is a nice touch.

CA Integrated Threat Management r8

Computer Associates

Cost: Starts at $60 per seat (quantity discounts available)

Availability: Jan. 30