InfoWorld CTO 25: Fred Dillman

CTO, Unisys

A 25-year Unisys veteran, CTO Fred Dillman has seen lots of changes in how IT operates. “When IT was growing, it was all about making improvements in the business, but after a while they got enamored with their own technology,” Dillman says.

His goal, as he sees it, is to restore IT’s former relevance. To that end, he heads up Unisys’s

3D-VE (3D Visible Enterprise) -- both a professional services methodology and suite of business process software --- which places IT projects at the heart of business process transformation.

3D-VE creates linkages between the line of business manager who understands business processes and how to make them more efficient, and the IT manager who is investing in technology. At the end of the day, he says, each IT project can demonstrate its value through explicit connection to business process improvement. According to Dillman, “It doesn’t look like a technology project but a business investment.”

Dillman believes that 3D-VE forces a culture of innovation on IT. “If I am modeling business processes, it opens peoples minds up. IT becomes a partner with the business because they think about the way the company works.”