8 signs it's time for new employment

Don't tether yourself to a sinking ship. Here's how to tell if your company's prospects are dwindling

High-profile layoffs in the tech sector have been ramping up as of late, and the sense of a deep freeze ahead for new IT opportunities is mounting. Yet opportunities still remain for IT pros savvy enough to know when to say when and jump from a foundering outfit to one capable of offering more stable employment.

The key, of course, is to know how to read the signs of company trouble accumulating around you. After all, as InfoWorld contributor Dan Tynan recently found while examining the current state of IT employment, the IT workplace has become decidedly cutthroat. Few are going to tip you off to the tough times they see ahead for your organization, especially as hiring freezes take hold, heating up the job competition across the IT industry.

"If your company is headed for a fall, it's usually better to jump than to be pushed," Tynan advises hopeful IT survivors. "Don't let yourself be blindsided by quickly dwindling company prospects."

Outlining the eight surefire indications that it's time to update your resume and start networking, Tynan provides sage advice for those IT pros whose employers are quickly feeling the effects of uncertain times -- or worse. After all, timing is everything when it comes to jumping ship.

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