The 2008 geek gadget gift guide: Eye-Fi Explore

Upload photos wirelessly straight to the Web from almost any digital camera

Why you must have it: You're shooting photos on your digital camera, but no one can see them until you get back to your Internet-connected computer. The Eye-Fi Explore changes that, using an embedded Wi-Fi radio in the SD card to upload your photos to any of several popular photo-sharing services (a year of hotspot service access is included) or to your computer over a wireless LAN. Plus, it geotags your photos based on where you took them. InfoWorld Test Center contributing editor Brian Chee sung its praises in his Geeks in Paradise blog, and for good reason.

Your chances of having the first one on the block: Moderate, given the publicity the Explore and its 4GB cousins the Home and Anniversary Editions have received.

What you must know: Of the three Eye-Fi models, the Explore is the only one with upload-to-Web and bundled hotspot access service included.

What you need: A digital camera with an SD card slot (or SDHC for the Anniversary Edition). The Explore and Anniversary Edition cost $130 each, while the Home edition costs $80.

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