The 2008 geek gadget gift guide: Gyroxus Game Chair

Get physically into the game with this full-motion chair

Why you must have it: Sitting in your chair playing games is absorbing, no doubt, but if you've been to Disneyland or a similar theme park, you know you're missing the dimension of motion. No matter how much the game moves, you sit still. That's why InfoWorld CTO Council member Marvin Anderson's gaze lingered on the Gyroxus Full-Motion Game Chair from 4th Motion. As you move your body while controlling the game, the chair amplifies your actions, so the next time you're flying in space or weaving in and out of traffic, it will feel real. You can even buy skins to customize its appearance for the games you love.

Your chances of having the first one on the block: Good, as it's been available less than a year and at a higher price for much of that time.

What you must know: The chair comes in two versions, depending on the game controller you want: Microsoft Xbox 360/PC games or Sony PlayStation 3. Note that you cannot switch controllers. The chair supports up to 250 pounds, and is 23 inches wide, 44 inches long, and 31 inches high.

What you need: The game chair costs $389, and requires no drivers on your PC or gaming device (Xbox 360 or PS3).

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