Sun Solaris going on Fujitsu's Intel servers

Some Fujitsu Primergy systems to get Sun's Unix platform

Sun Microsystems is announcing an agreement Tuesday with Fujtisu Siemens Computers to have Sun's Solaris operating system distributed with select Fujitsu Primergy servers.

Solaris 10 will be offered on Intel x/86/x64 boxes. The two companies plan to work together to certify solutions based on Solaris and Primergy hardware.

Sun touted Solaris capabilities in scalability, reliability, and virtualization. Multi-core deployments are supported as well.

"We are essentially one of the three big OSes that run on the Intel architecture right now, the other two being the Microsoft family and the Linux family," said Herb Hinstoff, Sun director of Solaris marketing.

But Fujitsu users would not get capabilities offered in the open-source version of Solaris, called OpenSolaris, such as Image Packaging System, for simplifying installation and integration with third-party applications.

Solaris 10, though, is the enterprise-strength version of Solaris, while OpenSolaris is considered more as a platform for developers to build next-generation applications, according to Hinstoff. The plan, however, is that OpenSolaris bits eventually would become the next major enterprise version of Solaris. 

Previously, Fujitsu has supported Solaris on SPARC-based servers, Sun said. Primergy users will gain access to the 10 5/08 update of Solaris, featuring power management capabilities for x86 processors from AMD and Intel.

Other companies bundling Solaris on Intel-based systems include Intel, IBM, Dell and Sun itself, Hinstoff said.