AmberPoint extends SOA analysis software

Transactions now can be analyzed across distributed systems

AmberPoint is announcing on Monday an extension of its SOA runtime governance software to cover transactions flowing across complex heterogeneous systems.

This capability enables analysis and management of business transactions scanning distributed systems, the company said. AmberPoint is including the enhancement in the 6.0 releases of AmberPoint's SOA Management System and SOA Validation System products.

Through the extension, real-time insight is provided into business transactions. Fewer transactions fail or are lost, AmberPoint said.

"The cool thing that they have now is the ability to actually visualize a business transaction from start to finish," said analyst Anne Thomas Manes, vice president and research director at Burton group.

AmberPoint's "message fingerprinting" approach eliminates the need to modify messages, which can break dependent applications, the company said. Amberpoint. Transactions can flow unhindered.

Visibility is provided into packaged applications such as CRM, order management and billing systems that are part of composite SOA systems. As transactions progress, AmberPoint assembles message trails associated with each transaction to identify and resolve errors.

Service level agreements can be set for transactions and then managed. SOA Validation system samples and replays transaction flows against proposed changes to the production system.

SOA interactions can be tracked, including SOAP and Java Message Service calls, database calls, and RMI and EJB invocations. A library of portlets and capabilities are provided to visualize business metrics.

AmberPoint's product pricing starts at $35,000 per CPU.