SAP to pay $83.3 million to settle i2 patent suit

Maker of supply chain management software claimed SAP infringed on a number of its patents

SAP has agreed to pay i2 Technologies, maker of SCM (supply chain management) software, $83.3 million to settle a patent claim i2 brought against the enterprise software maker.

The Dallas company had sued SAP in 2006, claiming that it had infringed on a number of its patents.

The settlement was reached on June 23, according to an SEC filing by i2.

The brief filing states that SAP and i2 will license each other certain patents, on condition of the payment to i2, and dismisses the existing legal proceedings between the companies with prejudice, meaning another suit cannot be brought on the same matter.

An SAP spokesman confirmed the settlement but did not provide additional commentary or information beyond that contained in the filing.