Test Your Developer IQ

Are you a script kiddie or a hacker hero? Take our quiz to find out

As any good software developer will tell you, programming is more than a job. It's a way of life. Top coders practically speak their own language; the trivia floating in their heads would stupefy mere mortals. But then there are the others -- people who claim to make the cut but don't know squat. Sometimes it seems like there's one assigned to every project. Think you can tell who's who? We've compiled 20 questions to separate the script kiddies from the seasoned pros. Answer them if you dare.

1. What is the relationship between Java and JavaScript?

a. Netscape invented JavaScript as a stripped-down, "lite" version of Java
b. Java borrowed ideas from JavaScript and made it a full-fledged programming language
c. They both originate from the same research at Sun Microsystems
d. There is none; it's all just marketing.

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