InfoWorld launches the Design the Perfect Laptop contest

We designed our ideal notebook, and now it's your turn. The best entry wins an iPod Touch

Today's laptops are pretty much all the same, and the technologies they offer haven't really changed much. Sure, you get faster processors and higher-capacity hard drives with each new model, but the basic notebook feature set has been frozen for some time. InfoWorld believes it's time to reinvent the laptop, and so we've proposed our perfect laptops' designs.

Now it's your turn. Now that you've seen InfoWorld's ideas, we want to hear yours. Tell us what your dream machine would have, and not have, through our Design the Perfect Laptop contest. The best entry, as judged by the editors, will win a 16GB iPod Touch. (Be sure to read the official contest rules.) Entries are due by September 1, 2008. To enter, just go to our Perfect Laptop page and complete the entry form on the righthand side.

[ Discover InfoWorld's designs for the perfect laptop, the WorldBook Ether, and WorldBook Meteor. And discover how we came to these designs. Sustainable IT blogger Ted Samson weighs in on how to make them greener. ]

We’re looking for innovation that could be realistically considered by a notebook designer in the next five years. You’ll get instructions on how to send us sketches or other visual mockups of your ideas after you submit the text part of the entry.

We'll take the best ideas (not just those of the winners) and share them at the site, with credit to their originators, of course.

Together, we can motivate Apple, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, Toshiba, and the rest to move the laptop computer to the next level.