Two geeks and an iPhone

Six months after the iPhone's release, InfoWorld checks in to see if the sexy smartphone was actually worth all the hoopla

It's been six months since Apple's iPhone shipped, so in this three-part video review, our two geeks revisit the iPhone to see if it's really worth the price now that the hoopla has died down. And they share the tips and tricks they've picked up along the way.

Part 1: What we use and why

Kevin Railsback and Eric Hill discuss what they actually use their iPhones for and determine which of the built-in capabilities have stood the test of time.

Part 2: Tips and tricks for e-mail, Safari, and more

Railsback and Hill show how they push the iPhone to its limits, and sometimes beyond, for the apps you're likely to use every day.

Part 3: How to add third-party apps

Our two geeks show you how to work around Apple's rules by "jailbreaking" the iPhone so that you can run the third-party software you want.