Apple, AT&T sued over iPhone price cut

New York woman sues for $1 million, accusing Apple, AT&T of price discrimination and deceptive practices

A New York woman is so angry over Apple's $200 iPhone price cut that she decided to sue the company for $1 million in damages.

Dongmei Li isn't just angry, she says that Apple broke several laws when it cut the price of the iPhone by one-third. Li is accusing AT&T, Apple and Steve Jobs of price discrimination, discrimination in offering rebates versus credits, unfair and deceptive practices, and underselling.

In early September, Apple dropped the price of its 8GB iPhone by $200, while dropping the 4GB model altogether. Twenty-four hours later Apple CEO Steve Jobs apologized to the company's customers and offered earlier buyers a $100 in-store credit.

Filed in New York federal court, Li said that early purchasers were harmed because they cannot resell their iPhones for the same profit as later purchasers. Li purchased the 4GB iPhone and she accuses Apple of abandoning that model and locking customers into a two-year deal with AT&T.

Spokespeople for Apple and AT&T were not immediately available for comment.

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