Oracle buys Bridgestream for employee role mapping

Addition of Bridgestream will help Oracle strengthen its suite of Identity Management products

Oracle has acquired Bridgestream, a maker of software that helps companies map employee responsibilities, Oracle said Wednesday.

The acquisition follows Oracle's announcement to buy Ireland's Netsure Telecom, a provider of network intelligence and network data integrity software, two days earlier.

Terms of the Bridgestream purchase were not disclosed.

With Bridgestream's expertise in the area of ERM (enterprise role management) software, Oracle aims to help companies meet compliance regulations, such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which have created a need to control access to sensitive systems and monitor access privileges.

Bridgestream software is designed to help companies map who does what within an organization, tracking changes in personnel, responsibilities, and job functions. It ensures that employees are granted the right access to systems to do their jobs.

One of the features of the company's SmartRoles role-management application is its single point of control, allowing businesses to define and manage roles, role memberships and associated access privileges from one place.

The addition of Bridgestream will help Oracle strengthen its suite of Identity Management products, which serve as the security backbone of its Fusion middleware, Oracle said.

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