EMC to offer SaaS backup and recovery service

Mozy Professional is upgraded to MozyEnterprise with RSA-level security

Leveraging its October 2007 purchase of Berkeley Data Systems [BDS], EMC announced this week that it will offer an enterprise backup and recovery solution, MozyEnterprise, over a hosted SaaS platform for desktops, laptops, and remote servers.

The service will become part of EMC's Fortress hosted services and will offer RSA-level security, a capability that was not available when the product was owned by BDS and marketed as Mozy Professional. The solution includes integrated key management, authentication and authorization security. Over time, EMC will offer other SaaS solutions, according to officials.

The EMC solution will compete directly with Iron Mountain's DataDefense backup and recovery SaaS service. However, EMC lacks a key capability that Iron Mountain offers, according to Adam Couture, a principal analyst with Gartner. "DataDefense encrypts everything on the laptop," said Couture. "MozyEnterprise does not have this capability."

An EMC spokesperson confirmed this, saying that data is encrypted once it leaves the laptop or desktop and is stored by EMC.

The company will either have to develop the encryption capability on its own or partner with another company in order to be competitive, but the fact that GE used Mozy Professional before the acquisition and is apparently staying with the product from EMC gives EMC enterprise credibility, he added.

Pricing for a desktop/laptop is $5.25 per month per desktop/laptop plus $0.70 per gigabyte protected. Windows server pricing is $9.25 per month per supported Windows server plus $2.35 per month per gigabyte protected.