The promise of sandbox security

Today, the problem is that the wall remains permeable enough for Trojans and malware to slip though to the desktop, thereby defeating the intent of sandbox browsers in the first place.

That's the contention of Roger Grimes, who, after testing several products found that the entire class is over-hyped, and even more so that most security products.

Then again, IDC analyst Charles Kolodgy, believes that the products hold promise and that, "Desktop virtualization is going to be a benefit for security, and we're going to see more and improved products."

In the meantime, though, Doug Dineley, executive editor of the InfoWorld Test Center explains, "these new-fangled security client software products clearly don't work on the level that the vendors claim. They're basically asking you to flirt with disaster under the illusion that disaster can be averted."

Does sandbox security really protect your desktop?