Stupid interview tricks

Careers: Despite the countless books boasting tips and tricks to use during interviews, one simple truth remains constant. Companies don't typically hire for your interview skills; they hire you because you can do the job. "This brings us to an obvious but forgotten interview strategy. Use the same skills you apply at work to win your next job. That's right. Use your work skills in the job interview," Nick Corcodilos urges in No stupid interview tricks.

Notes from the field: In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Robert X. Cringely festively kicks off a brand spankin' new tradition: The Gobbler Awards, 2007. The dubious distinction goes to those "individuals and organizations who truly need to go get stuffed," he explains, adding that, "like the holiday bird, they invariably come with side dishes -- partners in malfeasance and stupidity who share equally in the dishonor." Comcast and Cox, Star Simpson and the city of Boston, and, of course, TJX and Visa, are among the, umm, honorees.