Litigants to AOL: Thanks for nothing

Some former users of AOL have filed a lawsuit against the one-time ISP king in reponse to it sharing users' personal search data with, well, the world.

Perusing their lawsuit filing may better illustrate just why they're resorting to litigation. Seems some AOLers did complain to the company. And according to the filing, all that AOL offered to appease them was a month of free service.

Free service, huh? Is it anything like the free service AOL is already providing? And a whole month's worth, no less!

Nice, guys. If that's true, it's like a restraunteur offering a food-poisoned patron complementary bread and tap water with his next meal. Your offer is pathetic to the point of being insulting, and odds are, he's not coming back to take you up on it.

I suspect even the paid subscribers -- those doling out as much as $25.95 a month for "premium" dial-up service or $14.95 for DSL -- weren't particularly dazzled by the offer.

Notably, AOL does offer a "Privacy Wall with as much as $10,000 ID Theft Insurance coverage" with its premium services. Is there "We Won't Share Your Personal Search Data With the World Again Insurance" coverage?