iSCSI vs. Fibre Channel: The battle that is not

Best of the blogs: While some folks are training iSCSI to be the contender that dukes it out with Fibre Channel, Mario Apicella writes in The Storage Network, iSCSI SAN products won't alter the landscape to the extent that many people would like to think. "This isn't an epic winner-take-all battle." The good news: It's the customers who come out on top. [Correction: Mickey McIntire, CEO of String Bean Software wrote the above in The Storage Network, which is open to outside contributors, pending approval by Mario Apicella at]

Mobile computing: Marxist in spirit, Fon is calling for hot spots of the world to unite, intending to "take this Wi-Fi mess and turn it into a Wi-Fi network." And AOL adds mobile search services that enable users to query just as they would from a PC.

The news beat: Microsoft is coming under increasing pressure from its Software Assurance customers to deliver Windows Vista in a timely fashion. EDS CEO Michael Jordan credits EMC head Joe Tucci with suggesting that EDS start its Agility Alliance partner program. Google mints a blog to foreshadow upcoming manifestations of Google Talk, and the European Information Society's commissioner says that the newly established .eu domain is as important as .com.

Hardware: Intel admits that it may experience more capacity constraints in 2006, and the chipmaker's CFO touts its manufacturing clout, insisting that its manufacturing operation is a cost-advantage rivals can't match.