Update: Sun spills UltraSparcIIIi+ delay

Note from the writer, Aug. 31: Reports today say Sun has announced it is cancelling the UltraSprac IIIi+ line entirely.

If you're eagerly awaiting the release of servers running Sun's UltraSparc IIIi+ processor, you may have a lot more waiting to do -- perhaps until mid-2007.

Reports say that nugget slipped out Wednesday during a Sun-sponsored online Q&A. The admission was likely not intentional. During the forum, an participant with the screen name spp made the following comment, which was labeled as a "private response for Martin".

"The V215/245 and the V445 will be shipped without the USIIIi+ because of manufacturing/yield issues and we shouldn't expect to see them until mid-year next year."

"Martin" likely refers to Martin Shepard, a Sun product line manager, ZDNet reports.

Sun revealed last July that the forthcoming trio of Sun Fire servers would come running the UltraSparcIIIi -- which came out in 2003, not its much-anticipated son. But the company also said the USIIIi+ would come out this year.

The USIIIi+ was originally slated to debut in 2005, but Sun delayed its development in order to get the UltraSparc T1, code-named Niagara, out the door.

Designed for lower-end servers, the USIIIi+ is an improved version of the 1.6GHz USIII with higher speed and more memory.