ICANN ponders variable pricing

If you register an Internet domain today, typically you pay a flat fee, no matter what the domain name. That could be about to change, according to blogger Ken McCarthy. A new proposal is being shepherded through ICANN that McCarthy says could lift the price caps on domain registration. A variable pricing system, he says, would inevitably lead to dramatically escalated prices for domain registrations -- think thousands of dollars, or more, for popular domains.

So far, the ICANN proposal applies only to the .biz, .org, and .info top-level domains (TLDs), but if it passes, McCarthy and others expect that VeriSign will follow suit with .com, the TLD that VeriSign controls.

ICANN has a public comment process in place where you can let your voice be heard on this issue, but McCarthy points out that you'd better move quickly: The deadline for comment ends today at 5:00pm Pacific Time.