CBS to push TV clips with Bluetooth

People brave enough to whip out their mobile devices and enable Bluetooth while strolling around Grand Central Station in New York can be rewarded with TV clips come September.

CBS today announced that it will employ Kameleon Technologies Mobizone Bluetooth download systems to deliver clips of some of its new television shows from billboards to Bluetooth-enabled devices at the famous transporation hub.

According to a release from Kameleon, here's how it will work: "Each billboard invites the mobile user to open his Bluetooth connection and make it discoverable. Then the user is invited to accept a free clip from the particular show. If he accepts, the clip automatically downloads and plays [it] on the screen of the mobile."

George Schweitzer, director of advertising for CBS TV Network, gushes over the new service in the written statement, saying, "We certainly have great content, and telling viewers about it is our job. MobiZone units attached to our OOH billboards is a value-added plus for our OOH media spend [sic], offering people the free opportunity to see our content without incurring a charge from their mobile carrier."

The OOHs, by the way, are either exclamations of awe and excitement, or else they're advertising acronyms for "out-of-home". Ooh!

There's some debate in the IT security world as to just how secure Bluetooth is. Last April, researchers from Secure Networks and F-Secure published a report "which warns of the huge number of devices left in a visible state, and issued statistics on the spread of various Bluetooth services and the ease of spread of an eventual Bluetooth worm."