Judge squeezes $25M more out of MS

Microsoft and Autodesk now owe DRM startup z4 Technologies $158 million in damages, up from $133 million, a federal judge in Texas ruled last Friday.

The two companies were in court appealing a previous ruling that they had infringed on z4's product activation patents. Not only did they fail to convince U.S. District Judge Leonard Davis of their innocence; the judge admonished them for attempting to mislead the court and ordered them to pay even more damages to z4.

Microsoft now owes Michigan-based z4 an additional $25 million to the $115 millions in damages it owed, plus almost $2 million in legal costs. Autodesk, located based in San Rafael, Calif., owes another z4 another $322,000 on top of the original $18 million.

According to The Seattle Times, Davis slammed the defendants for "[attempting] to bury the relevant 107 exhibits ... in a massive pile of decoys" and one "intentional attempt by Defendants to mislead z4 and this Court."