Users light up over loose Leopard

Update from the writer, Aug. 16: Since posting this blog entry on Aug. 14, the InsanelyMac forum thread I linked to was apparently taken down. Also, all screen grabs on HardMac were removed "following Apple's legal demands."

Ever since word got out about the leaked version of Apple's Mac OS X 10.5, or Leopard, the InsanelyMac forums -- a popular destination of Mac fans -- have been abuzz.

This thread, which started last Friday, had reached nearly 1,800 posts by Monday afternoon. It provides an interesting historical perspective of the evolution of a code leak once it hits the Net.

Before I continue, I must stress that InfoWorld does not advocate the pirating of software and will not provide links to sources from which to download it.

In the thread, users grappled with whether or not the leaked code was truly available. Once there was sufficient confirmation, users earnestly asked for directions as to where to find a copy of the elusive real deal (as opposed to the fake one that had materialized earlier in the week). There also was urging of others to play nice and host the goods for easier (and more expedient) download.

Later, there were laments of how long it was taking to download the 4-plusGB release (or how close they were), as well as questions on how to go about installing it. Other users readily delivered answers -- as well as demonstrated their own success in taming the Leopard.

One such Leopard hunter, who goes by the user-name "neospy" on Insanely Mac, has gone so far as to post screenshots of his or her installation on Flickr.

HardMac has a user's step-by-step account of installing Leopard, complete with screen grabs.

Back to the forums, though: One user, with the username "moonislune", posted:

"I'm being respectful here, so dont flame me, but I havent seen this discussed b4. So just being curious, why get Leopard now? While it would give us a taste of Leopard, I've heard (and maybe wrong on this) that certain features are disabled or incomplete like full-screen QT video and an incomplete UI. Second, are developer builds up-dateable via software update when the final product is released?"

Some of the responses (all verbatim):

Riffer: "Aparently moonislune dosent have the geek drive in him a.k.a The Force"

DeathChill: "The builds are not updatable via Software Update, but this is just for fun to poke around."

AppleLegal: "to have fun with it. And to start hacking it. Assuming you know how :)"