MS to Black Hat crackers: Bring it on!

If you still need convincing that Microsoft has gotten around to putting security muscle ahead of -- or at least on par with -- wiz-bang and aesthetics, consider its latest stunt.

The AP reports that Microsoft has thrown down the gauntlet to around 3,000 security experts at Black Hat, challenging them to uncover holes in the latest version of Vista.

Microsoft has told the tech community time and again that it's taking security very, very seriously in its forthcoming OS. Skepticism remains, which certainly wasn't alleviated by Symantec's report last month that the new Windows code will unleash new security problems.

Will Redmond's Black Hat display of faith in Vista's security help ease concerns? After all, Microsoft is essentially coating itself with fish guts and diving into the shark tank here, and it's a safe bet that more than a few of those 3,000 security experts at Black Hat are hankering for a taste of Redmond's blood. There's going to be a lot more then gentle nibbling of Vista code happening.

How do you feel about Microsoft's move? Does it make you feel any better about deploying Vista when it (eventually) ships?