Confused about iSCSI?

Confused about iSCSI?

If you are, this post from NetApp Dave Hitz will probably add to the confusion.

Warning: When you are done reading you might cave in to the notion that iSCSI is ... like a NAS. Because this is the argument that Mr. Hitz is diabolically presenting in that article:

Many customers wonder whether iSCSI is a type of SAN or a type of NAS. I used to know, but not any more.

Is the man loosing it? You'll have to read his post and reach your own conclusions.

Fear not: If after your are done reading the faith in your technical convictions is somewhat shaken I have an antidote.

Reach out for this Dell's view on iSCSI and you will find a technically (and politically) correct explanation of what iSCSI is all about, no tongue in cheek there.