Haley Systems acquired by Australia-based RuleBurst Limited

Pittsburgh-based BRMS (business rule management system) vendor Haley Systems has been acquired by Australian company RuleBurst Limited, the companies announced today.

The pairing of RuleBurst and Haley Systems makes the fourth largest BRMS provider, after Fair Isaac, ILOG, and Computer Associates, and it opens up new vertical markets and geographies for each partner, according to RuleBurst.

For Haley Systems, the new era begins without the company's founder and rule system pioneer Paul Haley, who left the company before the acquisition. His departure was not announced.

RuleBurst gains in Haley Systems a natural language rule system that complements its own natural language technology, and that differentiates the two vendors from competitors such as Fair Isaac and ILOG. Aimed at reducing the need for technical rule experts or training in a proprietary rule language, the Haley and RuleBurst solutions are designed to capture rules directly from business analysts or policy experts, who can express rules in the form of plain English expressions, or graphically in Microsoft Visio diagrams, or in spreadsheet format using Microsoft Excel.

RuleBurst boasts government and financial services customers throughout Asia Pacific, the UK, and Europe, and global partnerships with SAP, Microsoft, and IBM. Haley Systems touts mainly financial services, insurance, and technology customers in the US, and partnerships with Oracle, Adobe Systems, and Lagan.

Peter Still, VP of Strategy at RuleBurst, said the combined company will have greater resources to compete on a global basis, with more than 25 developers devoted to R&D, more than 40 professional services staff, and more than 40 people in sales and marketing. He noted that the RuleBurst and Haley product lines would continue to be supported by new releases, and that the rule authoring metaphors and other innovations would be shared across products.

Still said that the Haley Systems brand will live on in the US, and as a result of the acquisition, will gain greater exposure to the Asia Pacific and European markets. He added that the joint company will be focused on delivering vertical solutions, starting with solution packs for government and insurance customers.