MS isn't charging into charger biz

Attention people of Earth: Microsoft is not going into the fuel-cell charger business.

Rumors that Redmond was entering that market started flying Friday, though, after Medis Technologies issued a press release saying it was beginning commercial sales of its Fuel Cell 24/7 Power Pack, and that its first shipment was a set of Microsoft-branded chargers.

The result: Members of the media got a little excited, as they're wont to do, and began to speculate the Redmond was poised to start selling these chargers for its Zune digital music-player line. No one at Microsoft was available for comment on the matter over the weekebd.

Today, though, Microsoft issued a statement saying it only was purchasing a "small amount" of the chargers with the intent of distributing them for free at an upcoming event, according to reports.

So there you have it. Looks like Microsoft is sticking to its roots: operating systems. And business applications. And databases. And search. And video games consoles. And digital music players. But certainly not fuel-cell chargers.