Exec explains Apple-Cisco iPhone interoperability

In the previous chapter of the iPhone Saga, Apple and Cisco had agreed to put aside their differences and attornies and instead share the coveted iPhone name -- and work toward iProduct interoperability.

That was all well and good, except it left some people scratching their heads, wondering just what "interoperability" might mean between the Apple iPhone, which is a iPod/cell phone crossbreed, and the Cisco iPhone, which is a telephone handset designed for use on a VOIP network.

Well, Cisco Chief Development Office Charlie Giancarlo shed some light on what that interoperability might look like in a recent interview, according to reports. "Cisco wants the Apple iPhone to work with its corporate phone systems, Giancarlo said. A partnership would allow users to get the same services, such as instant messaging and teleconferencing, on their Cisco desk phones and Apple iPhones," Bloomberg reports.

Apple, meanwhile, has remained mum on the subject, perhaps still suffering painful memories from the last time it let a certain cat out of the bag.