Apple hit with yet another lawsuit

It seems that everyone wants a juicy piece of Apple lately. The company has been tagged with a number of lawsuits over the past year over patent infringement, but a forthcoming one will seek $100 million from Apple over its "abuse of global power," Financial Times reports.

Filing the lawsuit -- technically a countersuit -- comes in response to Apple's unsuccessful lawsuit against the Taiwan-based electronics operation for patent infringement.

"We plan to sue Apple in a Taiwanese court before the end of the month and demand $100 million in compensation for the revenues we have lost due to their abuse of their global power," Wu Fu-chin, Luxpro chairman, reportedly told the Financial Times.

Apple sued Luxpro in a Taiwanese high court last year, accusing Luxpro of copying the iPod Shuffle with an MP3 player initially called Super Shuffle, released in 2005. Although the company changed the product name to the Super Tangent and added to it the Luxpro logo, it still resembled the iPod Shuffle's weight and design; hence Apple's lawsuit and successful bid to have production of the Super Tangent halted.

However, a Taiwan high court as well as the Taiwan Supreme Court later ruled that Luxpro had not infringed on Apple's patent. Luxpro is now planning to fle the countersuit in an effort to compensate the revenue it claims to have lost while the Super Tangent production was held up.