Bebo tops 2006 Google searches

MySpace, beware: You were outGoogled in 2006 by another social-networking site.

Bebo was the No. 1 searched term on Google in 2006, according to Zeitgeist, which provides search trends information about Google. But social networking wasn't all the dominated the minds of Googlers. 2006 also witnessed a rise in interest about technology topics such as AJAX, podcasting, and Web 2.0.

Back to the top 10 Google searches, though: Myspace followed Bebo as No. 2, followed by, in order: world cup, metacafe, radioblog, wikipedia, video, rebelde, mininova, and wiki.

Interestingly, there's a striking difference between the top 2006 searches reported by Google compared to those reported by Yahoo, almost all of which were celebrities, starting with Britney Spears. The exception was the No. 2 ranked WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

On Google News, paris hilton was the most highly sought topic, followed by orlando bloom, cancer, podcasting, hurricane katrina, bankruptcy, martina hingas, autism, 2006 nfl draft, and celebrity big brother 2006. (Steve Irwin's death was the top sought news article on Yahoo.)

Zeitgeist also lists some of the top-searched inquiries. The individual Googlers wanted most identified was Borat (as in who is borat), followed by Hezbollah and EU. (No. 4 four on that list: who is hot.)

Highest on the list of "What is ..." queries was hezbollah. Of the remaining nine, eight are various types of medication, except for No. 6, which is ajax. (Hopefully InfoWorld has been able to assist in clarifying that last one.)

Tech-related inquiries also popped up on the top "How to ..." inquiries and "Define ..." requests, including wiki how to, how to podcast, how to blog, define web 2.0, and define ajax.

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