Apple's Mac Mini stirs major response

In response to my blog on Mac Mini that says Apple and Steve Jobs have priced the Mac Mini too high for what you get the emails have been pouring in.

I want to remind readers that I wasn't the only one to say this:.

See Rob Pegoraro at the Washington Post. He's not that thrilled either. Nor is Seth Jayson at the Motley Fool, or Jack Kapica at the in Canada.

Isaac Guzman at the New York Daily News likes the Mac Mini, but he too realizes you not only need the basics, monitor, keyboard and mouse, but a bigger hard drive and more memory.

Nevertheless, the general tenor of the emails I've been getting is best summarized by this one:

"You are misleading InfoWorld readers by not assigning value to the enormous advantages of Apple's OS and applications that come bundled with their hardware."

This writer and others go on to tell me about all the cool things you can do with a Mac Mini that you can't with a PC.

The same writer says these nifty features will eventually lure away PC users to the Mac camp.

Unfortunately, this writer makes my point when he says Apple has to "lure away" PC users.

For that to happen the Mac Mini has to become a mass market device. It will have to beat PCs at a level that a non-technical person can understand.

Alas, that comes down to price. So a shopper goes into a store or on line and sees the low price of the Mac Mini but says, "What no monitor, no keyboard?" This he understands.

I am looking at this coldly from a marketing point of view. I own a Mac at home and use it every day. Nevertheless, I stand by my conclusions.

For the mass market lure is the operative word here.

Jobs and company need the right lure on the end of their line in order to catch a lot of fish.

I don't think the benefits of using a Mac are obvious enough to a mass market audience. If they want to hold the line on price, Apple will need some flashier bait to get PC users to bite.

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