Apple appeals to 55-plus crowd

While the Tickle Me Elmo TMX is the toy of choice for kids this holiday season, your techie parent or grandparent may just want an Apple MacBook.

Nearly half of the people (46%) in the U.S. who own an Apple computer are 55 or older, according to MetaFacts' 2006 Technology User Profile (TUP) study. Comparatively, only about a quarter (25.2%) of folks using IBM-compatible PCs are 55 or up.

"Apple can claim long-time loyalists, but its future among the young technoliterati is an interesting dynamic," said Dan Ness, principal at MetaFacts, in press release about the TUP.

Ness added that Gateway has the lead among the 18 to 24 year olds "with a higher-than-average share of US home’s primary PC users falling into this age group."

The report also finds that nearly one-third (30.2%) of the 52 million primary home PCs in the U.S. are notebooks -- and 24 million of them are from Dell. That represents a 46.1% share of the home notebook PC market. Also interesting: In Apple households, over half (52%) of the personal computers are notebooks.

For more information about the MetaFacts TUP study, go here.