Your turn: Predict the next big thing

From the far-fetched to the practical, we highlighted 12 technologies that have a history of riding the thin edge between harebrained and brilliant. Yet each has the potential to significantly shake up some aspect of the enterprise down the line.

So, bust our your crackpot meter and weigh in on whether these could-be pie-in-the-sky notions have a future by commenting via these links: Solid-state drives, DC power, Total information awareness, Artificial intelligence, Quantum computing and quantum cryptography, Desktop Web apps, Autonomic computing, Semantic Web, E-books, Superconducting computing, Holographic & phase-change storage, and Project Blackbox.

If you don't see a past or present contender you'd like to nominate, or you just want to have your say, send us your ideas or comments in the box below.