Quince explores UI/UX patterns

A free Silverlight-based site from Infragistics helps to improve thinking and conversation about user interfaces

User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) designers have a new, free Web tool to use at quince.infragistics.com. Brought to you by the control vendor Infragistics, Quince is a Silverlight-based site that organizes about a hundred common user interface patterns into a highly usable site.

The Quince site builds on work by Jenifer Tidwell and others aimed at describing interface and interaction design with a pattern language. Jenifer's book Designing Interfaces would be a good adjunct to the site, although Quince stands alone quite well.

The Quince site lets you explore UI patterns by name, by task:


by UI map:


and by tags, with a relationship tree:


If you sign in (for free) you can discuss Quince, the patterns, your own experience with specific patterns, and suggest improvements to the pattern writeups.

The site is live now. Enjoy.

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