Another sign of the apocalypse?

Microsoft and the open-source jQuery Ajax project are collaborating. Can Armageddon be far behind?

I was planning to blog about this last week, but two full days of Rosh Hashanah services just drove it out of my head. I sang and davened for something like 12 hours, and conducted for about an hour, and really didn't think about computers at all. But now it has come back to me.

Yes indeed, the apocalypse must be upon us, because Microsoft and the open-source jQuery Ajax project are collaborating. Paul Krill covered this as news; I won't belabor the details here.

I think this is great. One of the things that jQuery has needed is better tool support, and if Microsoft really follows through, the IntelliSense support for jQuery in Visual Studio 2008 should turn out to be very useful. At the same time, jQuery fills a big hole in the Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX offerings. It's win-win-win for Microsoft, jQuery, and developers.

Why the apocalypse? Well, is this not a case of the lion lying down with the lamb?

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