Samsung boasts green attributes of new 100GB SSD

SS805 delivers higher speed and lower power consumption than 15K hard drives, company says

Samsung this week announced a 100GB, 2.5-inch solid-state drive (SSD) called the SS805, which the company claims is not only faster than 15,000-rpm hard disk drives (HDDs), but also greener.

Samsung's SS805 SSD is designed for use in servers, aimed at applications such as video on demand, streaming media content delivery, virtualization, and online transaction processing.

According to the company, the 100GB SSD can process IOPS more than 10 times faster than the fastest 15,000-rpm SAS HDD available for transactional data workloads, with a sequential read rate of 230MBps and a sequential write rate of 180MBps.

Moreover, according to Samsung, the drive can process as much as 100 times the number of IOPS per watt as a 15,000-rpm, 2.5-inch SAS HDD in applications where higher performance and lower power consumption are both needed.

The company says that enterprise SSDs use 1.9 watts of power in active mode and 0.6 watt in idle mode. This trumps 15K HDDs, which consume between 8 to 15 watts in active mode and 1 to 2 watts in idle mode.

Samsung attributes the drive's performance to "a sophisticated 8-channel controller, improved NAND flash, and special drive firmware."

The SS805 comes complete with full data encryption. It also boasts a feature that allows all data in the process of being stored within the SSD to be preserved in the event of a power outage.

The Samsung SS805 SSD will be available later this quarter.