Quest LiteSpeed 5.0 has problems

Be really careful and test as much as you can before upgrading to LiteSpeed 5.0

As you guys know, I've been running the new LiteSpeed through its paces. What I've uncovered is a major bug/flaw that has brought one of my boxes to its knees.

I did plenty of testing before upgrading my production warehouse to LS 5.0, but when I put it on the box itself, my backup routine went from 5 hours to 13-plus hours. And they actually never finished. I played with lots of settings, etc but nothing really made an impact. I also tried the backup analyzer function, and after 6 hours, it was still going against only 20 percent of my DB. And the DB in question is only 850GB and is being striped up to 5 LUNS on EMC So the problem isn't with my box. Not entirely anyway -- I'll qualify that because we're still troubleshooting.

I will say though that I went back to 4.8x and the backups completed in normal time again. So the issue is definitely with 5.0.

And BTW, when you want to test one version from the next, you don't have to do a complete install/uninstall. All you have to do is take the exe file from the version you want to test and put it on the box, and run your backup tests from the command line. So if you want to test LS 5.0 on a system, just install that version on another box, copy Litespeed.exe to the other box, and run a command-line backup. You don't have to actually mess up what you're doing with your current version. That's just a little troubleshooting tip for ya.

Anyway, this release isn't as stable as they'd hoped so test test test. And when you're tired of testing, then test one more time. Test backups and restores because in the past I've seen restore bug introduced into a new LS release.

Good luck and I'll let you know how it all comes out.