Dell gets a jump on Energy Star 5.0

Company offers array of systems tailored for higher-efficiency standard

Dell today announced that it's gotten a jump on the Energy Star 5.0 standard, seven months before the deadline set by the EPA.

The company says that select configurations of the OptiPlex 760 and 960 desktops, Latitude E6400 and E4300 laptops, and Dell Precision M2400 mobile workstation meet Energy Star 5.0, which takes effect in July, 2009.

Compared to Energy Star 4.0, which took effect in July of 2007, Energy Star 5.0 increases minimum internal power supply efficiency from 80 percent to 85 percent; it also increases AC adapter efficiency to 87 percent. Moreover, the new standard defines lower energy consumption limits based on a total energy consumption value.

Dell reports that its Energy Star 5.0-compliant Optiplex 960 enables up to 43 percent less power consumption than the previous generation of OptiPlex desktops, comes in packaging that is up to 89 percent recyclable, and contains at least 10 percent post-consumer recycled plastic on the small form factor model. A mini-tower and desktop version will be available in December.

Pricing for the systems varies by configuration and region. "There is a very modest price premium compared to non-Energy Star desktop systems and in some segments the Energy Star-compliant system is the only one we offer," says Dell spokesman Sean Donahue. "The Latitude laptops ... come with Energy Star 5.0-compliant power supplies as standard."