Sun enhances GHG-tracking community

Free community provides more tools for monitoring GHG emissions to identify potential energy savings

Feeling self-conscious about your organization's carbon footprint? Consider heading over to Sun's newly revamped, a global online community that provides free tools to help members calculate, compare and reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. It allows users to build and maintain personalized sustainability dashboards, where they select their carbon emissions sources, input energy and other data, and track results.

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Launched last September, now tracks a broad spectrum of emission sources and incorporates carbon accounting practices to provide organizations and individuals with a comprehensive view of their carbon footprint and the ability to report their GHG data using industry-standard metrics.

Members can now use to create a view of their entire carbon footprint from a range of sources, including utilities such as steam, mobile sources, and business travel, as well as electricity and natural gas use. Incorporating standard-approved carbon accounting practices helps ensure that the GHG estimates calculated and tracked on the site are suitable for reporting under widely accepted frameworks such as the World Resources Institute Greenhouse Gas Protocol and the EPA's Climate Leaders Program.

Additionally, houses energy efficiency resources and provides an online forum where community members can collaborate and compare building energy performance, share proven best practices, and encourage sustainable innovation.

To date, has more than 600 organizations and 2,000 individuals using the resource, according to Sun.