HP discloses suppliers' CO2 emissions

Company aims reduce carbon emissions throughout supply chain

If you're a current or aspiring supplier to HP, take note: The company has a keen interest in your carbon footprint.

In the name of promoting transparency in environmental standards, HP this week announced emissions data associated with its largest suppliers. All told, the company found that more than 80 percent of its manufacturing expenditures in 2007 could be linked to the equivalent of 3.5 million metric tons of carbon dioxide.

"HP's continued leadership in supply chain transparency will result in positive operational changes in environmental practices and will encourage other companies to do more to advance supply chain responsibility," said Tony Prophet, senior vice president of worldwide supply chain operations for the Personal Systems Group at HP.

HP's aims to use this data to incorporate energy efficiency into how it manages its first-tier suppliers. In addition, HP reports that it "will propagate this reporting to the rest of its supply chain to determine further emissions reductions as it incorporates emissions reporting into lower tiers."

For more information on how HP works with its suppliers to improve their environmental standing, check out this interview I did last year with Judy Glazer, HP's director of global operations social and environmental responsibility.

Notably, HP isn't the only company that scrutinizes its suppliers carbon emissions and CSR (corporate social responsibility)-related metrics. For more information, please read "Green demands trickle down the supply chain."