How's LiteSpeed doing?

Quest just released LiteSpeed 5.0

For the past several years I've enjoyed the inside track on many products and LiteSpeed was one of the ones that I always knew more about than almost anyone else. I knew all the developers, the PMs, the management, etc. I was invited into the betas, and given personal tours by the guys in-the-know. I even had a lot of input into features and how they would be implemented. Apparently though, all that has changed. I guess Quest doesn't like me at all anymore because LiteSpeed 5.0 released last week and not only was I not invited into the beta, I wasn't given even a vague release date, or any kind of high-level feature list. In fact, I didn't even get a press release or any kind of email saying hey check this out.

The point of all this is that I'm going to have to do some old school detective work with this release to see if it's going to be really worthwhile to upgrade. LiteSpeed has had some pretty big issues in the past with upgrades, repository performance, connection troubleshooting, version interoperability, maintenance, archiving, and reporting. And since nobody's over there seems to want my input anymore I'm going to have to put it through it's paces on my own. So to that end, I'll be sharing with you guys what I find as I find it. And when all is said and done I'll have a comprehensive list of what's good and definitely what's bad about LiteSpeed 5.0.

This release has been a long time coming from the last major release so I'm going to expect a lot more than just a new GUI. I'm going to give this version a very full rundown of all its functionality.

So hang on tight. I'll have the first round of testing done here in the next couple days and I'll give you a full report.

And in this first round I'll probably start with a clean install and look at a couple of the major pain points with the previous versions and see how they've handled them here.

And in a way I should really thank Quest for not putting me on the inside track and working with me under NDA because it's hard to come up with blog topics and this has given me a built-in blog topic for several weeks. Now I get to do all of this testing publically. So thanks Quest!

OK, I'm gonna download and get started.