Scrooge weighs in

You knew it would happen? Could Scrooge let Cratchit just enjoy the day? Never!

Barry (aka Scrooge) wrote in -- on Christmas Eve, no less:

Lately, it looks like you're going to some trouble to present success stories ... focusing on the positive.

These are not helpful.

When a company is doing what it should do, it's called "business as usual". They get no credit for this ... it's what they should be doing. (It's like someone throwing a party when I take out the trash.)

What I need to know is who is not doing what they should be doing. I think it's the job of this column to point that out. (Hence, the title "Gripe Line".)

Of course, there is a more cynical point of view: That companies doing what they should do is such a rarity that it's a newsworthy thing. Sure.

So ... no more positive stories in 2009 ... unless they're actually informative.


OK, Barry. We'll do nothing but complain from now on.

And what does everyone else think? Should someone be putting out a plate of milk and cookies for a trio of ghosts (past, present, and future) tonight?

Have a great holiday, all. (Yes, even you, Barry. Enjoy the tour.)

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