SOA is...well...just SOA

Enterprises now are coming at SOA with the right expectations, which is a good thing

Joe McKendrick called me out on the fact that I've been inconsistent in calling SOA, as it went through downtimes and upticks over the last few months.

Dave Linthicum, who keeps his finger on the pulse of SOA through his consulting work, said last year at this time that he was seeing a slowing in SOA projects -- as things got rocky with the economy.

However, in one of his more recent posts, Dave now signals an uptick in SOA project work. Remember, not only has the economic climate been ostensibly hammering IT budgets, but there's also been the prevailing notion that SOA (as we've known it) is 'dead' or at least on life support."

Just some more color around all this.

First, SOA is becoming a part of IT, rather than just a new destination. Thus, my clients and other organizations who are dealing with SOA no longer consider it new, but also don't consider it proven. It's just an approach, and that's a good thing. Thus, we can come at SOA with the right expectations.

Second, SOA is much less about technology these days, which is another good thing. We get to the technology eventually, but the journey is what needs to be the focus.

Finally, the uptick in SOA is really around doing more with less. Something that has always been the battle cry of SOA, but was almost never achieved by most practitioners. Many are now actually building SOAs, increasing efficiencies, and thus reducing costs. Who would have thunk it? :-)