Pulsing with IBM

An informal survey of IBM Pulse attendees reveals most view SOA as a long-term strategic direction

I'm at IBM Pulse this week in Las Vegas. It's been years since I've been to an IBM event, and I have a few observations:

  • First, they purchased a lot of companies in the last few years, and their customers are here.
  • Second, IBM makes a tremendous amount of money just selling and supporting technology that keeps things running.
  • Finally, SOA is still on the radar screens of both IBM and their customers.

This week IBM dove deeper into the cloud computing space, reorganizing and promoting their people around the concepts of cloud computing. However, they are doing so by simply redefining stuff they sell. They're not the only ones. I'm seeing a huge amount of search and replace operations on Web sites, where finding "SOA" now says "cloud computing." Can you say "confusion"?

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My informal lunch table survey of Pulse attendees reveals that cloud computing is interesting and they are looking at it. SOA is still a focus, but budgets are causing many delays. Most are leading with technology and not architecture, but they are less enamored with the hype around the technology. Most view SOA as a long-term strategic direction.